The Cheer Station Story

The History of CHEER STATION...

CHEER STATION’s official name is “Cheer Station National Cheerleader Training Center” and was founded in 1990 by Ladd LeBus and Brad Page. Brad and Ladd were just out of college and had big dreams of building the first cheer and dance facility in Austin, Texas. In order to finance the operation, the two needed to earn money to get Cheer Station up and running. Without any investors on board, Brad and Ladd went to Austin Parks and Recreation and rented their facilities to get everything rolling. Within 3 months, three locations were in operation.

The name “Cheer Station” comes from having three different locations. At this time, there was a North Station (Northwest Recreation Center), South Station (Dittmar Recreation Center), and Central Station (Hancock Recreation Center). After 6 months of building up the name “Cheer Station” in the Austin area, a new marketing strategy was implemented to increase enrollment. After one year of growth, the first independent CHEER STATION was born.

Brad and Ladd started with one team and quickly grew CHEER STATION into a thriving business with over 13 teams. CHEER STATION teams started earning a great National reputation, and over the past 25 years, CHEER STATION has become a legend in the All-Star Cheerleading Industry. CHEER STATION is currently the longest running single-owner gym in the United States! With over 450 National Champion Titles, they are still going strong and strive to stay true to their basic principles instilled in their athletes, placing a strong emphasis on ethics, Christian principles, and good sportsmanship. Many of our athletes have come back as staff members, and many of our alumni now have their own “little ones” in our program!

We believe in training athletes with a positive approach that focuses on goal setting, self-esteem building, creating team unity, and increasing athlete skills by teaching proper progressions, safety, and utilizing the most up-to-date coaching techniques.

The history speaks for itself…come join us at CHEER STATION and let's create another amazing twenty-five years!

What we do...

Cheer Station National Cheerleader Training Center is THE premier cheerleading facility in Austin, Texas. With over 1000 athletes in our team and class programs, we are the largest cheer gym in the Austin area. We have an outstanding National reputation with over 450 National Titles and counting. We consider all of our athletes to be part of “one big family”, and it is in this atmosphere that we strive to develop the whole athlete at our gym.

Since 2009 to current, Cheer Station has been voted by Austin Family Magazine the “Best Place to Cheer in Austin”. Cheer Station was also voted to be one of the “Top All-Star Gyms” in the United States by American Cheerleader Magazine!

Over the past twenty-five years, the Cheer Station owners, staff, and athletes have been the “go-to” gym for many Hollywood movies and projects. Cheer Station’s television and movie accolades include:

  • "The New Guy" starring Eliza Dushku - Official gym and training facility
  • "Man of the House" starring Tommy Lee Jones – Official cheer technical advisors
  • "My Generation" starring Jaime King – Official cheer trainers
  • "Friday Night Lights" television series – Official cheer coaches (plus many of our athletes were used as skilled extras and cheerleaders in the series)

It’s no wonder why Cheer Station continues to be the absolute BEST cheerleading training facility around. Our philosophy is that every child can reach their potential through positive guidance, self-esteem building, and superior instruction. If you are looking for the best place to train and compete, then check out all of our programs we have to offer here at Cheer Station!