Our Coaching Staff


Founder/Head Coach Team Program

5 years - NCA Head Instructor

3 years - Yell Leader at Baylor University

State Champion Gymnast

Three-time NCA All-American Cheerleader

Two-time Macy’s Day Parade Featured Staff - Manhatten, New York

Aloha Bowl Featured Staff - Honolulu, Hawaii

St. Patrick's Day Parade and Lord Mayors Ball Featured Staff- Dublin, Ireland

USASF Rules Committee...



6 years - NCA Head Instructor

2 years - Yell Leader at Baylor University

Two-time NCA All-American Cheerleader

NCA Best Cheerleader (1987)

Two-time Macy’s Day Parade Featured Staff - Manhatten, New York

Aloha Bowl Featured Staff - Honolulu, Hawaii

St. Patrick's Day Parade and Lord Mayors Ball Featured Staff- Dublin, Ireland

Miss USA Pageant...


Partner and Gym Director

16 Year Veteran CSI Coach

9 Year Worlds Team Coach

ACP Coach winning teams of The One, US Finals and Summit

2017 Award winning choreographer and Coach

USASF Credentialed levels 1-5

Stephen F Austin Cheer

Collegiate National Champion SFA

Level 10 Gymnast

Former Cheer Station Level 5 Athlete



Creative Director

Bobby Hilton is from Springfield, Missouri before moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas to attend the University of Arkansas. While at the University of Arkansas, Bobby majored in Business Administration and was a part of the U of A Cheer Team. Prior to his all-star career, Bobby was also a gymnast for many years. During his time on the U of A Cheer Team, Bobby was a part of Twist and Shout All Stars, where he was on their Twist and Shout Team...


Front Office

Office Manager –Gym Enrollment & Communications

Fund Raising Director

Currently pursuing a degree in Business Management


Justin Baker is one of our many coaches that hails from the great city of Austin, Texas. Justin graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in both Kinesiology and Business Administration. He has been involved in cheerleading and tumbling for 25 years now. Justin has held multiple awards both as an athlete and coach. As an athlete, Justin was the captain of the cheer team at Blinn College before he went on to become an NCA...

Kristen Headshot-1.jpg

Kristin is one of our coaches native to Austin, Texas. Kristin is a former Cheer Station athlete since the age of 5 and has grown through the program to cheer at Texas State University on their All-Girl Squad. During her time at TXST, she was the co-captain in her sophomore year as well as became a part of NCA Staff for three years. Kristin graduated from TXST with a degree in Elementary Education. Since 2008, she has coached summer camps,...


Kyle is a Cheer Station veteran coaching as he has been with the gym for 6+ years. Kyle is from Ocala, Florida and a former elite level gymnast. He was a former Level 5 International Open athlete for Cheer Station. Kyle has been around the cheerleading and tumbling scene for 13 years now. As an experienced coach, Kyle has proven to focus on technique to make sure the athletes that he is working with are ready to move on to other levels. Kyle...


Super Flyers Director

Kristen Russell is an Austin, Texas native and began her cheerleading career at Cheer Station. From Mini Level 1 to Senior 4, Kristen has been a part of the Cheer Station family for 10+ years. As she continued with the program at Cheer Station, Kristen was a strong leader and asset to the teams she was on. When Kristen was a part of Bullets, a Senior 4 team, she helped lead her team to various national titles. Kristen’s coaching career also...


Jason is originally from Portage, Indiana. He went on to attend Indiana University where he majored in Biology. During his time at IU, Jason was a double athlete where he was a part of the IU Cheer team and their gymnastics team. After graduating, Jason went on to coach cheer and tumbling. He has over 25 years of experience and various national titles for teams he has coached. Most recently, Jason is a 2018 NCA National Champion Coach....


Jake was born and raised in Waco, Texas. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University where he has a degree in Marketing and Management. At OSU, Jake was a part of their Large Coed Squad. Jake’s highlights from his all-star cheerleading career were during his time apart of Cheer Athletics Cheetahs. With Cheetahs, he became a World’s Bronze Medalist in 2011 and then a World Champion in 2012. Jake has been coaching for 10 years now and gained...


Jeff is a veteran coach from Houston, Texas. He graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. His previous cheer experiences include Texas Lonestar Cheer Large Coed and UT Cheer, Orange Squad. Jeff has been a fantastic coach in tumbling and cheer focusing on technique and tips to help athletes understand how to control their body in stunts and tumbling. With about 17+ years of coaching...


Jonathan is originally from Los Angeles, California. He made the move to Austin, Texas in August 2013 to attend St. Edward’s University. While at SEU, Jonathan joined the Cheer team there in his sophomore year. During his time on the team, Jonathan was a standout leader and athlete. In his final year on the team, Jonathan was a part of the SEU’s first national team to compete at UCA Collegiate Nationals in Orlando, Florida. The team continued...


Another Austin, Texas native, Matthew has been a part of the Cheer Station family for 4 years as an athlete before moving into the coach’s role. Matthew first started learning tumbling at the age of 13 and then would late move on to becoming a level 5 athlete on Cheer Station Flyers. After moving on from all-star cheer, Matthew began coaching in early 2018. Matthew is currently attending Austin Community College for Psychology and Fine Arts....


Being Justin’s son, Quinn has been around cheer and tumbling his whole life. However, Quinn did not start leaning tumbling until about 4 years ago. As soon as he learned how to do a double twisting layout, Quinn has been part of the Senior Level 5 Coed Team - Flyers. Quinn has been a stand out junior staffer/coach and helped many of the younger athletes gain new skills. His dream university is University of Texas at Austin, where he hopes to...


Zander is from Austin, Texas and one of our amazing junior staffers/coaches. He currently attends Leander High School and is the captain of the Cheer Team there. Zander has been cheering for a total of 14 years now, but has been with Cheer Station for 8 years. He has grown as an athlete in those years and has contributed great leadership and advice to all his teams that he has been on. This will be Zander’s 4th year on the Senior Level 5 Coed...


Sabrina is from Austin, Texas and is one of many coaches that has grown through Cheer Station for many years. Sabrina’s time at Cheer Station began on the show team here before she moved up to Jets and then eventually Mercury, our senior level 3 team. Sabrina has been on every level at Cheer Station and proven to be an amazing leader helping newer athletes become a part of the family. She currently attends Austin Community College for Radio,...